Ep 25: Known &the Subtle Art of not giving a f#*!l

May 17, 2018

In this episode Brendon and I review 2 books, Mark Shaeffer's Known and Mark Manson's The Subtle Art of not giving a F#$! Both we rate highly.


Stories and Social Media

May 8, 2018

Snapchat stories, Instagram Stories and Facebook stories. we all love a story teller which is why stories are such powerful business tools, when done well.


Episode 23: Creativity Series - Could you be an author?, Sarah Barbour, Aeroplane Media

September 13, 2016

In today's episode of my Creativity Series,  I chat to Sarah Barbour from Aeroplane Media about writing a book. Do you have a book within you? Sarah believes many of us have one within us and she works particularly with business owners to help them turn their business ideas or offer into a book. It is a great way to grow your business, cement your authority and feel a great sense of satisfaction as well will creating something, that perhaps you never thought you could. She has a webinar coming up on the 15/9 - where she also talks in more detail about how this can happen for you!


Episode 22: Creativity Series - What is it exactly?, Lisa Murray, Founder - Creativity Lab

August 25, 2016

Welcome to the first in a new series of podcasts on Creativity. 

Today I am joined by Lisa Murray. Lisa is the Australian founder of Creativity Lab, a thriving international business which invites you to nurture your ideas into life. MBA qualified, Lisa is an unconventional business coach, prolific writer and creative adventurer. Her book 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' launched in 2016 and her next book ‘Creating Beyond Burnout’ will launch in November. Lisa offers innovative online programs and live events for entrepreneurs, change agents and creatives who are willing to create beyond the status quo. 

Find out more at www.CreativityLab.tv www.StopWaitingStartCreating.com and www.BusinessAlchemyLab.com 

In this podcast we discuss the nature of creativity, what can block it and how we can encourage it to thrive. We all are creative beings and sometimes we need to reset that mojo within us at times. 

Lisa also discusses her upcoming FREE webinar - Stop Killing your Creations! which she will be running on the 1/9/16. 

Episode 21: Do you have a brand or just a logo? Brendon O’Sullivan - Big Blue Digital

August 4, 2016

IN this podcast, recorded from BLAB, Brendon and Leanne chat about the differences between thinking of your business as a brand and not just the mindset of a 'logo'. This difference creates a distinct difference in how you approach what you do and how you get that message out there. 


Episode 20: Entrepreneur Series - Jo Bendle - Insights into become more productive

July 22, 2016

Today's podcast is with Jo Bendle - Productivity expert & Coach chatting to me today revealing some insights into Productivity and why we might struggle with getting things done - even when we have so much to do! If overwhelm and underperformance are on your radar - have a listen and visit her website as she has new course starting August - designed to make you more productive in 90 days than you have been all year.


Episode 19: Letting go of your fear of Livestreaming

July 4, 2016

In today's podcast, I chat with Brendon via BLAB on how we can let go of our fear of Live streaming and a great place to start with that is using BLAB. Even easier than have phone - can broadcast, today we look at have desktop, can speak, can live stream. No one is perfect and the beauty of blab is that you don't need to be. Trust that you can connect with your community in this way and just start. 


Episode 18: 5 min with Nicki Hauser - Marketing & BD Manager - ALPMA

June 15, 2016

How timely given Microsoft's announcement just yesterday that they are intending to buy LinkedIn. I for one think this is a smart move and one that shows that Microsoft really understand their target market and where their 'peeps' actually are. So today's podcast is focussed on a LinkedIn group success story for ALPMA as I chat to Nicki Hauser - Marketing & BD Manager for ALPMA about how she has grown their LinkedIn community from 70 members to over 2000. 


Episode 17: 5 min with… Urszula Richards - Community Manager - Kathryn Hocking eCourse Launch Formula - Community Manager

June 7, 2016

Today's 5 mins podcast is with Urszula Richards, Community Manager at Kathryn Hocking's eCourse launch formula. Urszula managers the growing and very active Facebook group for the eCourse Launch Formula, which takes in new members at regular intervals and includes members from all over the world. 


Episode 16: Entrepreneur Series - Paul and Melissa Knaggs - Can a married couple stay married and grow a business?

May 24, 2016

In today's podcast, I am starting a new series on Entrepreneurs. Real ones like you and me. In this first interview I am speaking with Paul and Melissa Knaggs, Blueridge Projects who have a long history of developing large scale industrial and commercial projects across NSW, WA and into QLD. Listen to their insights on how they kept going, what they have learnt and whether you can actually stay happily married and grow your business at the same time, it is a challenge in every sense.